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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Eighth Graders Assembly

Revolutionary War Reenactment for Wynford Junior High

By: Alexis Creel

On October 31, 2013, Mark Cory visited Wynford High School to educate the eighth grade students about the Revolutionary War. Mark Cory was a history teacher at Colonel Crawford with our own superintendent Mr. Steve Mohr. While teaching at Colonel Crawford, Mr. Cory said, “He did not like to teach history out of the textbook because the books were wrong.” Mr. Cory is known at Colonel Crawford for his distinct ponytail.  He has been growing his ponytail since 1990 because he did not want to wear a wig for his reenactments. He already had numerous clothes to wear for the reenactments and did not want to add a wig to the mix. The eighth grade students learned the types of clothing the soldiers wore, the weapons they used, what battles were won, when the battles occurred, what the result of the battles were, what type of shelters soldiers had during this time period, and what types of food they ate. Mrs. Auck was in charge of bringing in Mr. Cory to give our students an idea of what the soldiers during this time period witnessed and help with the cross curricular lesson in english and history class.

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