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Friday, December 4, 2015

National Honor Society

New Members Inducted

By: Todd Enders

Last night the new members were inducted into the Wynford National Honor Society. An induction ceremony was held in the auditorium recognizing the accomplishments of these new members. Punch and cake were served following the ceremony.

Row 1: Alexis Phonchone (current member), Aryn Copeland (president), Madison Schifer, Kelsey Dunford, Grace Schiefer, Hannah Underwood, Rhieannae Cory, Mackenzie Kent, Alexus Ross, Margaret Willford (treasurer), Carlee Leonhardt (current member), Alyssa Harrer (secretary). Row 2: Jennifer Brown (vice-president), Connor Hickman, Lynae Rausch, Samantha Peck, Annika Gerlach, Hayley McCoy, Allyssa Sheets, Loagan Neal. Row 3: Nathan Sparks, Kymber Sand, Sarah Ogden, Michaela Lloyd, Tara Zinser, Luke Scott, Aaron Hand.