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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wynford Bowling

Bowling Teams Eliminated

By: Shae Duncan, “Royal Times”
 The Wynford bowling team competed in the Crawford County High School Bowling Tournament on February 10th and 11th. The Wynford boys team bowled against Bucyrus in the first round of the tournaments at Suburban Lanes. The boy’s team consisted of Zavon Mills, Quenten Stuckey, Nick Miller, Tony Roberts, Jacob Leonhardt, and their alternate Jacob Hord. Wynford’s top three bowlers were Stuckey with a total of 494, Leonhardt with a total of 444, and Roberts with a total of 404. Although their total scores beat three of their opponents scores, the team came up short in the end losing due to a handicap score figured into the three games that were played. The Wynford girls team also competed in the Crawford County High School Bowling Tournament against Crestline at Suburban Lanes. 

The girls team consisted of Kelsey Redden, Reegan Scott, Shae Duncan, Summer Schifer, Lexie Creel, and alternate Taylor Baumburger. Top bowlers for the girls team, three game total, were Duncan with a 379, Creel with a 36, and kelsey Redden with a 326. All the girls bowled great games; winning the first two games with scores of 622 and 547, but fell behind in the third game and lost due to handicap and total pins. The girls have lost the past four years due to handicap, but next year they hope to finally come out as the winner of the whole tournament. The girls and boys bowling teams complete their season with their losses and will be back next season for some fun and exciting bowling.

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