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Friday, February 21, 2014

Boys Baketball

Royals Split with Vikings

By: Kelsey Redden, “Royal Times”
On Tuesday, February 18, the Royals hosted the River Valley Vikings. The junior varsity Royals made an early 9-0 run to start the game and forced the Vikings to take a timeout. After the timeout, the the Vikings quickly added six points cutting into the Royals lead, but that is the closest the Vikings would be the entire game. The Royals maintained the six point advantage on the Vikings, 18-12, at the end of the first quarter. The Royals offensively and defensively stepped up their play in the second quarter increasing their lead on the Vikings. The Royals found a hot hand and began hitting shot after shot. Wynford’s defense only allowed the Vikings to score six points in the second quarter as the they struggled to keep up with the Royals. Going into the half, the Royals had a large 22 point advantage and the momentum leading the Vikings, 40-18. In the third quarter, the Royals struggled handling the ball, committing turnovers, but were still able to maintain a sizable lead on the Vikings. The third quarter score was 57-23 and saw the biggest gap between the two teams; a 24 point advantage for the Royals. The junior varsity ended the fourth quarter with a 21 point win over the Vikings, 71-50. The leading scorers for the Royals were Braxton Tea, 24, Alex Crall, 13, and Matt Hall, 8. The Royals were able to tack on a big win improving to 11-9 overall. 

Before the varsity game, senior winter sport athletes and pep band members were recognized. The senior basketball boys included: Mason Davis, Jake Glowaski, Zach Lear, Michael Miller, Mark Pfiefer, Gage Roe, and Kallan Stiles. The senior cheerleaders included: Joanee Church, Autumn Tea, and Maria Ulmer. The pep band included: Cody Barth, Cody Lester, Rachel Redolf, and Madison Graham. The senior swimmers included: Madison Graham and Sara Hoffman. Seniors were escorted down center court by their parents as their names were announced. After the game, coach Steve Mohr recognized the senior players and spoke about them individually. Coach Mohr said, “That he was very proud of his seniors on how they have kept the team together throughout the season and never gave up”. 

In the varsity game, the Royals were taking on a very talented 17-4 Viking team. The Vikings scored first, but the Royals were able to answer back; staying within seven with 1:50 remaining. The Vikings led the Royals 21-11 by the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter, the Royals were able to slow down the Vikings offense but were unable to stop them from scoring. The Royals were able stay within nine of the Vikings as they went into halftime, 32-23. The Royals started the third quarter off well but the Vikings were able to match each run the Royals put together, leading the Royals 49-38 at the end of the third quarter. The Royals put together a run during the fourth quarter where the boys showed the most drive. The senior players really stepped up in the game and were vocal both on and off the court. They were major contributors cutting into the Vikings lead. During the first minute of the fourth quarter, Wynford cut into River Valley’s eleven point lead, scoring five quick, closing the gap, 49-43. The Royals defense was able to step up and keep the Vikings from scoring for just over two minutes. This brought the Royals even closer with 3:10 to go in the fourth; Keaton Teynor hit a big three bringing Wynford to within four, 55-51. After a River Valley foul, Mason Davis hit both foul shots bringing the Royals to within two points, 55-53. As the quarter drew to an end, the Royals ran out of gas and were unable to surpass the Vikings, 68-56. The Vikings improved to 18-4 overall while the Royals fall to 6-15 overall. Top scorers for the Royals were Austin Shutler with 13, Keaton Teynor, 12, and Jake Glowaski, 10. The boys next game is a tournament game at Lexington High School against Ashland-Crestview on Tuesday, February 24th at 6:15 p.m.

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