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Monday, February 10, 2014

Pioneer Visit

Sophomores Visit Pioneer

By: Melanie Garrett, “Royal Times” 
The Sophomores went to Pioneer for a tour and got to spend 30 minutes in each class. Sophomores got to pick three classes that they wanted to visit. While in the classes, they learned about the classes and how their day at Pioneer would go. If you are a junior, you will be in an academic classes in the morning and a lab in the afternoon. If you are a senior, your academics classes will be in the morning and your lab will be in the afternoon. One of the classes you could take at Pioneer would be Performing Arts. Its basically described as a fun and entertaining class to show everyone your true personality. The students in the class danced, sang, acted and played instruments. Emilee Downing said, “Pioneer seems like a good way to express yourself and to meet new people, just act like your own self. Its easier to be set on a specific career you wish to do for the rest of your life. It was highly interesting to see other people’s talents.” If you wanted to go into the medical field, they have two great medical programs, Health Assistant and Medical Technologies. These two programs are the same your junior year, but your senior year they are different. During your junior year, you get your STNA (State Tested Nurses Aide). During your senior year in Medical Technologies, you get certified to read EKG’s which are responsible for monitoring your heart. If you choose to pursue the Health Assistant program, they will be adding something else in the future, but they can not reveal the details yet. Another program you can take is Culinary Arts. In this program, you get to create your own foods and serve it to your customers. You also get a better knowledge of how to be more alert of foods that are not healthy. Rhieannae Cory said, “Pioneer is a way to get your mind set on something you like to do. Its possible to not make up your mind but at least its better than failing.” Another program you could take is Early Childhood Education. In this program, you learn how to teach children from infants to toddlers. Another program is Criminal Justice along with many others, too many to list. In this program, you learn about a cops job, how they train, and what it takes to be a cop. You can also learn skill to become employed as a Homeland Security Agent. In every program you are getting college credits and certifications that will benefit your future employment. You also increase you chances of job placement after you graduate from Pioneer. If you are a sophomore or junior and interested in Pioneer, you should schedule a time to meet with Mrs. Heinlein to get details on how to sign up today.

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