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Monday, November 25, 2013

Student vs Staff Volleyball Game

FFA Raises Money and Donates Food to the Less Fortunate

By: Michaela Lloyd

On Friday, November 22, 2013, the annual senior vs. staff volleyball game took place. Each attendee donated three to five cans of non-perishable goods, or a minimum cash donation of three dollars to the Salvation Army. The confident staff strutted into the gym with their chins held high and their chests puffed out with Royal Pride. They flexed their “can-do” muscles in an attempt to intimidate their youthful senior opponents who were adorned in war paint and sweat bands. The seniors could not seem to catch up to the quickly advancing staff until Autumn Tea served the ball for them and raised their
score with several aces. The seniors attempted to rid the staff of their traditional triumph but failed to break the cycle. Now the opportunity to end the reign of the Royal staff lies on the backs of the 2015 seniors. Will they win, or will the staff achieve victory once again and continue to rule on the volleyball court?

Wynford Fall Play

Wynford High School’s Production of 

The Phantom Tollbooth

By: Emilee Hoover, “Royal Times”

The Phantom Tollbooth, by Susan Nanus, took place on November 15, 16 and 17, 2013. The Phantom Toolbooth was based on a beloved children’s classic by Norton Juster. This humorous fantasy took a little boy named Milo to “the lands beyond”, where he finally understands the value of learning. The cast included Alexa Franklin (The Clock, Tock), Trey Fearing (Milo), Joey Caserta (King Azaz The Unabridged), James Gatchel (The Mathemagician), Kim Laferty (Princess Sweet Rhyme), Emilee Hoover (Princess Pure Reason), and Caleb Hess (The Humbug). Other cast members included Kody Auck, Caleb Rettig, Tim Chandler, Alexis Showers, Allyssa Sheets, Michaela Wagner, Kat White, Marissa Ulmer, Hannah Hess, Bri Hill, Jasmine Wilson, Katherine Blank, Deana Schiefer, Annie Fienning, and Natalie Clinger. This play would not have happened if it was not for the hard work of the crew, Renee Caserta (Director), Kaleigh Swalley and Madelyn Assenheimer (Stage Managers), Kathy Smock and Betsy Gebhart (Costumes), Dave Dotson (Set Designer), Adam Sullivan, Katie Hoover, and Trey Hightower (Lights), Matt O’Brien, Adam Sullivan, Caleb Rettig, and James Gatchel (Sound), and the adults and students who built the set. The play was successful as the cast had fun bringing fantastical characters such as the Mathemagician, the Humbug, and the Awful Dynee to life.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dinner Theatre

Sweet Sounds of Music

By: Emilee Hoover “Royal Times”

This years dinner theatre took place on Sunday, November 10, 2013. Dinner theatre is where you watch and listen to the performers while a catered meal is served. Music started at 1:00 p.m. and food was served at 1:30 p.m. This years senior performances were Mark Pfeifer (Allegro, The Theme from Schindler's List), Autumn Tea and Joanee Church (For Good), TJ Mohr and Zach Lear (Come On Get Higher, By Your Side, She Will Be Loved), Bailey Hedrick (Father Will You Come), Kayli Stuckman and Reegan Scott with Bailey Hedrick on piano (Stay), and Jamie Coomer with Bailey Hedrick on piano (Porceline Hearts). Also, there were senior solo performances by, Royal Singers, Nick Miller and Jacob Hord (Bohemian Rhapsody and Haven’t Met You Yet). These seniors enjoyed their last year performing at dinner theatre. There were many underclassmen who performed as well. Overall, this years dinner theatre was another success for advisor Mr. Heydinger.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cross Country Awards Night

Cross Country’s Season Comes to an End

By: MacKenton Johnson
Wynford Cross Country Seniors

The cross country team had their awards banquet to bring their season to an end. The team had many accomplishments throughout the season. The girls’ team made it through districts and into regionals. They were the only NCC team to make it to regionals. Ellie Richmond placed 28th in regionals which did not allow her proceed to state. Only the top 16 regional places make it to state. Ellie Richmond and Madi Schiefer were first team all NCC. Sarah Hoffman and Rachel Redolf were both named honorable mention all NCC. Girls who received their first varsity letters in cross country were Aryn Copeland, Kaliegh Swalley, and Madi Schiefer. Ellie Richmond received her third letter for the royals. Girls who received their fourth year letters at Wynford were Sara Hoffman, Maddy Graham, and Rachel Redolf. Maddy Assenheimer received her certificate of participation. 
Wynford Girls Cross Country Regional Qualifier Team
The boys had three runners named honorable mention all NCC: Mark Pfeifer, Jacob Hord, and Donnie Brooks. Boys who received their first varsity letters were Donnie Brooks and Ethan Stuckey. Matt Hall received his second varsity letter for the Royals. The third year letter winners were Jacob Hord and David Blank. The fourth year varsity letter winners for the boys’ cross country team were Mark Pfeifer and Michael Shupp. Jack Reed, Cole Brause, Nathan Weithman, and Caleb Rettig received their certificates of participation. The cross country teams did well this season and improved from last year.

Monday, November 11, 2013

"The Royal Informer"


The Royal Times will be featuring a new advice column called “Dear Royal Informer”. This column is for students to ask advice about problems or just to ask questions. For example, questions about drama, parents, friends, food, school activities, grades, etc. would be considered appropriate. This will be completely anonymous as all questions and answers will be published in the Royal Times. Questions submitted should be signed with a “cover” or secret name that only that person will recognize. Please refrain from using any real names in the submitted questions. A container will be in the media center marked “Dear Royal Informer” for anyone to submit questions. “Dear Royal Informer” will be answering questions on Wednesdays and Fridays starting November 13th.


 “Dear Royal Informer”

Varsity Volleyball

Volleyball Awards Night

By: Todd Enders

Monday evening, November 4, 2013, the Lady Royals volleyball team held its annual awards night to honor our student-athletes. District, league, and team honors were awarded to the athletes. Brenna Quinn, senior, was the only player to receive All District 6 honors with second team recognition. Royal athletes receiving league honors were Brenna Quinn (first team NCC), Alyssa Harrer (second team NCC), and Meghan Harrer (honorable mention NCC). Meghan Harrer and Brenna Quinn earned their third year varsity award while Alyssa Harrer, Amber Gottfried, and Beth Ogden earned their second year varsity award.  Remaining players earning their first year varsity awards were Sydney Alspach, Maci Cooper, Rhieannae Cory, Brooke Miller, Lydia Miller, and Mallory Moore. All players chipped in and showed their appreciation for the coaches by honoring them with assorted gifts.  Coach Hurles, Coach Distel, and Coach Price all received a signed picture frame from the girls along with individual gift cards. Coach Hurles also received a signed picture of all the senior girls while coach Distel received a picture of all the junior varsity girls. The girls designed a special personalized book for coach Price which resembled a gift he designed for the girls before playing their Sectional Final tournament game. The Royals finished the season with an overall record of 10-13 and a NCC record of 8-6. The awards night came to an end when each senior athlete thanked the coaches, players, and parents for the time spent helping the volleyball team.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Riverdale vs Wynford Football

Seniors Last Time Under the Lights

By: Sara Hoffman

The varsity football team had their last game of the season on November 1, 2013 against Riverdale defeating them 47-7. In the first quarter, seniors Kallan Stiles and Gage Roe scored the first two touchdowns bringing the score to 14-0. In the second quarter, still going strong, Keaton Teynor and Nick Looker also scored bringing the score to 27-0 at halftime. The second half was just as successful for the Royals. The Royals were virtually unstoppable continuing to put points on the board and holding the Falcons to only seven points. In the second half, Brock Williamson’s two scores along with another by Hayden Rhodes added to the Royals rout of the Falcons. TJ Mohr continued adding to his extra point total for the season connecting on 4 out of 6 attempts. Brock Williamson and Gage Roe said, “They will miss football but were glad to spend it with their teammates. We created memories that we will never forget.”

Monday, November 4, 2013

Cheerleading Competition

Cheerleaders Attend UCA Regional Competition

By: Brooke Miller

On November 3, 2013, the Wynford Cheerleaders traveled three hours to Dayton to attend the annual UCA Regional Cheerleading Competition. The competition consisted of many divisions including the “Game Day” competition in which the Royals participated. In a game day competition, the cheerleaders were required to do a defensive chant, a crowd-leading cheer, and an original band dance or fight song. The cheerleaders used pom-poms, signs, megaphones, and the help of Royal Rex to “wow” the judges in a total of three minutes. At the end of the day, the cheerleaders finished third overall for the Game Day division; ending two points short of qualifying for the national competition.  Hannah Langston, varsity cheerleader, stated, “Even though it was three minutes, it was a very long day for the cheerleaders, and we are all very proud of our performance as a squad.” The Wynford cheerleaders may be attending more regional competitions in Bowling Green, Ohio and Kentucky to qualify for national competition in Orlando, Florida in the near future. Go Royals! Go! Fight! Win!

Golf Awards Night

Golf Season Comes to an End

By: MacKenton Johnson

The Wynford golf team had their awards night to conclude their season. The golf team had an overall record of 14 and 6. The team won the NCC tournament and ended up third in the NCC with a record of 8 and 6. The first year letter winners were Levi Factor and Brenen McGuire.  The second year letter winners were Alec Thomas, Logan Leitzy, and Quenton Stuckey. Nathan Smith received his fourth letter for the Royals and finished his Royal golf career. Annika Gerlach and Kalyn Heinle were also part of the team but did not receive their letters. The team also had a few players who received individual awards; these players were Nathan Smith, Quenton Stuckey, and Logan Leitzy. Nathan Smith received medalist honors in the NCC tournament, was first team all NCC, and made it past sectionals into districts. Quenton Stuckey was named second team all NCC, and Logan Leitzy was named honorable mention all NCC. Overall the team had a very successful season.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Eighth Graders Assembly

Revolutionary War Reenactment for Wynford Junior High

By: Alexis Creel

On October 31, 2013, Mark Cory visited Wynford High School to educate the eighth grade students about the Revolutionary War. Mark Cory was a history teacher at Colonel Crawford with our own superintendent Mr. Steve Mohr. While teaching at Colonel Crawford, Mr. Cory said, “He did not like to teach history out of the textbook because the books were wrong.” Mr. Cory is known at Colonel Crawford for his distinct ponytail.  He has been growing his ponytail since 1990 because he did not want to wear a wig for his reenactments. He already had numerous clothes to wear for the reenactments and did not want to add a wig to the mix. The eighth grade students learned the types of clothing the soldiers wore, the weapons they used, what battles were won, when the battles occurred, what the result of the battles were, what type of shelters soldiers had during this time period, and what types of food they ate. Mrs. Auck was in charge of bringing in Mr. Cory to give our students an idea of what the soldiers during this time period witnessed and help with the cross curricular lesson in english and history class.