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Monday, September 30, 2013

Pro Teens

See You at the Pole 

By: Meghan Harrer 

On September 25, 2013 at 7:00 a.m. Wynford staff and students gathered in front of the school around the flagpole to pray for our school and our nation. A total of 67 staff and students took part in the event called the National Day of Prayer. Everyone in attendance had a great morning with a beautiful sunrise to reflect and pray for our school and nation.  Junior Taylor Baumberger said, “See You at the Pole is a day where students nationwide meet around their flagpole to pray. It’s a day Christians can come together and share their faith. To me it means standing firm in my faith when it isn’t easy. It’s putting God before everything.” For more information about See You at the Pole go to or visit Mr. Rowlinson in room 104.

JV Football

Wynford JV Routs Bucyrus

By: MacKenton Johnson

On Saturday, September 28, 2013, the Wynford Royals Junior Varsity football team traveled to Bucyrus to take on the Redmen. The Royals lead at halftime, 12-6, in a very close battle between arch rivals. In the second half, the Royals came out with a lot of energy and fire to shut out the Redmen. The final score was in favor of the Royals, 42-6. Nick Looker, Jalon Brown, and Braxton Tea all had three touchdowns apiece for the Royals. The Junior Varsity Royals are 5-0 this season and host the Upper Sandusky Rams next Saturday.

Varsity Football

Got Copper? The Wynford Royals Do! 

By: Lexi Creel 

On September 28th, 2013, the Wynford Royals hosted their biggest rivals the Bucyrus Redmen. Sixteen straight years the copper kettle has stayed with the Wynford Royals.  Wynford (3-2, 2-0 NCC ) and Bucyrus (2-3 1-1 NCC) both showed they were ready to fight for the copper kettle. The Royals started the game off with Corey Brown throwing a halfback pass to Keaton Teynor to take a 7-0 lead. Wynford’s defense was not able to stop the Redmen’s offense from scoring when the Redmen brought the score to 7-6 after missing the extra point attempt. The Royals continued making big offensive plays when Hayden Rhoades delivered a Royal touchdown to bring the score to 14-6. As halftime approached, the Redmen scored on a 75 yard pass to bring the Redmen to within one, 14-13. The Royals did not give up when Brock Williamson came right back with a 51 yard run before halftime bringing the Royals lead to 21-13.  Not only did the first half bring the crowd to their feet cheering but the second half had the crowd biting their nails wondering what was going to happen next. The Royals started the third quarter with Brock Williamson throwing a 60 yard touchdown pass to Keaton Teynor, to bring the score to 27-13 Royals. The Redmen still continued to fight back with another score bringing it to 27-20. The Royals fought back with Brock Williamson taking the ball in from the 1 yard increasing the Royal’s lead to 33-20 at the end of the third. The fourth quarter approached and both teams were fighting hard for the copper kettle. The Redmen scored again bringing them within one score before sophomore, Cole Fortner, answered back to the Redmen’s score with a 90 yard punt return bringing the score to 41-27.  The clock continued ticking down in the 4th quarter and the Redmen continued to fight back after trailing the entire game. The crowd continued biting their nails, hanging on to each other, and praying the for Royals to stop the Redmen. The Redmen scored with under two minutes remaining bringing the Redmen within a point of the Royals. They lined up for an extra
point attempt calling a timeout as the ball splits the upright removing the tying points from the scoreboard. The Redmen decided to go for a two point conversion trying to win the game in regulation. The Royal’s defense came up big with a stop at the three yard line forcing the Redmen to an onside kick which was recovered by the Royals. One minute and counting, quarterback Brock Williamson takes a knee for a Wynford Royal win, 41-40. The copper kettle stays with the Royals for one more year.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Varsity Volleyball

Lady Rams Spike Lady Royals 

By: Allie Crall

On September 26, 2013, Wynford Varsity Volleyball was defeated by the 12-1 Upper Sandusky Rams. The Lady Royals hosted the Lady Rams at Wynford High School. The Rams took the Royals in 3 sets: 25-21, 25-22, and 25-16. Even though the Royals lost, they show great energy and teamwork to give the Lady Rams a tough three matches. In Junior Varsity action, the Royals lost in three matches to the Rams; winning the first match and losing the next two. The Lady Royals host the Lady Blue Jackets of New Riegel on Saturday, September 28, at 10 a.m.

Junior High Volleyball

Wynford 7th Grade Volleyball Remains Undefeated 

By: Kelsey Redden 

The Lady Royals hosted the Lady Rams on Thursday September 26th at 5:00 PM. The Lady Royals had a comfortable win in the first game and the second game started to look like the first. As the game went on Upper Sandusky slowly started to fight its way back and eventually took the first lead of the game 22-21. The Lady Royals were unable to hold the Lady Rams and the second games final score was 25-22. This took the match into the tiebreaker game. The Lady Rams started out serving in the third game and scored 5 points before the Lady Royals were able to score. The Lady Royals got into a groove and went on an 11-point run before the Rams were able to score. The Lady Royals kept their lead to gain the win 25-17. The Lady Royals are now able to add this win to their undefeated record 10-0. 
The 8th grade Lady Royals had trouble getting things to fall into place for them as the first game started. They quickly found themselves down early 16-8 and struggled to get back into the game. The Lady Royals did score a few more points but could not pull together to come back for the win. The Lady Rams took the win in the first game 25-17. The Lady Royals were beginning to face the same problems they had in the first game. The Lady Rams took an early 6 point lead before the Lady Royals were able to score. From there the Royals kept the lead but the Rams were right behind them the whole time keeping the Royals on their toes. The Rams finally took the lead 21-20 and the Royals tied the game a point later. The Royals were able to score one more point but came up short in the very close game. The Rams took the win 25-23 making the Lady Royals record 7-4. The Lady Royals travel to Galion on Tuesday, October 1st to take on the Lady Tigers.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crawford County 20/20 Vision Senior Day

Crawford County 20/20 Vision Talks Future 

By: Shae Duncan, Crawford County Fairgrounds

Tuesday, September 24, 2013, Crawford County 20/20 Vision gathered all seniors in Crawford County, at the fair ground to discuss business after high school. Element 7 comprised of Wynford students T.J. Mohr, Zach Lear and Nate Sparks welcomed all six high schools that attended by playing multiple songs. After the band finished their introduction, Wynford Superintendent, Steve Mohr, took the microphone to welcome everyone. He informed all in attendance about what the day was going to hold for the students. Multiple videos about a variety of jobs were played. These videos went into descriptions on what job(s) are available and needed within Crawford County. Multiple speakers, such as, Tom Ryan, who is currently Ohio State University's head wrestling coach, and Mr. O’Brien, Wynford’s new freshmen English teacher, and others spoke on a variety of topics. Tom Ryan’s emotional and inspirational message was to go after your dreams and set goals for your future. Mr O’Brien’s message to all graduates was about his choice of Crawford County being the right choice over other bigger cities, more pay, and better offers.  The speakers and the videos talked and demonstrated issues that we may face after graduation. Crawford County 20/20 Vision’s goal was to inform us about our future and what it holds for us. If you are a senior and your future plans are still undecided, remember the options and offers that Crawford County has available.

Junior High Football

Galion Defeats Wynford Seventh Grade Football

By: Kelsey Redden

The 7th grade football team hosted the Galion Tigers on Tuesday, September 24th in a 16-6 loss. The Royals got the ball first to start the game but were forced to punt. Taking a risk early in the game the Royals tried to run a fake punt and Galion was not tricked at all. Galion got the ball back in Wynford territory. The Tigers quickly scored on their first drive and converted the two point conversion bringing the score to 8-0 with 1:55 to go in the first quarter. Wynford got the ball back and scored on a 30 yard run by quarterback Joel Griffin. Wynford was unable to convert the two point conversion making the score 8-6 at the end of quarter one. Wynford’s defense was able to hold Galion in the second quarter but the Royals were unable to score themselves. Galion scored on the first drive after half but failed to score on the two point conversion bringing the score to 14-6. In the fourth quarter, Galion drove down the field but was stopped short of a touchdown on the five yard line and turned the ball over to the Royals. The Royals were stopped on downs and forced to punt from their own end zone where a bad snap lead to the Galion safety making the score 16-6. The Royals fall to 0-3 on the season and are back in action on October 1st hosting Bucyrus at 5:00 p.m. 

Wynford Junior High Volleyball

Wynford Junior High Volleyballers Defeat Bucyrus

By: Shae Duncan

Wynford Junior High Volleyball hosted a match against Bucyrus on Tuesday, September 24th. The Royals started serving “aces” right from the start. Lexi White ran off 15 straight points for the Royals. Wynford seventh graders won their first game easily by a score of 25-4 and also took care of the Redmen in the second game, 25-8. Although the Bucyrus seventh grade girls attempted to dig every ball, they still never gave up making sure Wynford still worked for their points.
In the eighth grade game, the Royals had a more difficult time getting the win over Bucyrus. The Royals and the Redmen volleyed leads back and forth for both games. After the lead changes were finished, the Royals were able to win game one 25-20 and game two 25-14. Overall, Wynford dominated both games and scalped the Redmen. The seventh graders are 9-0, while the eighth graders are 8-3. The Royals are in back in action on September 30 hosting St. Bernards at 5:00 p.m.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Homecoming Ceremony and Football Game

Harrer and Roe Crowned as Royals Stomp Bucks

By: Brooke Miller
The week four football game for the Wynford Royals swept up a win for the team along with a win for the 2013 homecoming king and queen: Meghan Harrer and Gage Roe.  At roughly 6:30 prior to kickoff the homecoming court was announced.  Queen attendants consisted of Lexi Creel, Shae Duncan, Meghan Harrer, Alyssa Powers, and Joanee Church. The king attendants were Jacob Hord, Mark Pfeifer, Nick Miller, Gage Roe, and TJ Mohr. The girls and their escorts circled the track in their shiny, new convertibles before walking down the 50 yard line to get announced. Following the couples was last year’s homecoming queen and king Amanda Sparks and Tyler Baumberger. Amanda proudly hugged Meghan after crowning her queen. Several photographers snapped multiple pictures of the shining king and queen just minutes before the football game and the torrential downpour soaked everyone in attendance. Although the football game delayed only minutes into the game, it didn’t stop the Royals’ defense from holding the Bucks under 100 yards offense. The Royals held a halftime lead of 27-0 at the break. By the end of the game, the score finished with a 33-0 victory with the help of quarterback Brock Williamson and his two touchdowns. Next week the Royals host Bucyrus, along with the pink-out, copper kettle, and mini Royals cheerleading night.

Fall Homecoming Dance

Wynford Homecoming Dance

By: Michaela Lloyd

 On Saturday, September 21, 2013, Wynford High School held their 50th annual Fall Homecoming Dance. Disc Jockey (DJ), Sonic Sound, played a variety of songs for the attending students. Multi colored strobe lights and loud music pumped up the atmosphere of the dance. The atmosphere was contagious. Once one person began to dance no one else could resist! Cheers from audience admirers led to a dance off between Malik Mills, T.J. Mohr, and 2013 graduates Kevin Justiniano and Garrett Shutler when the DJ played “Teach Me How to Dougie”. Those present made it known which songs were their favorites by letting out a cheer of enthusiasm and serenading each other until a chorus of voices reverberated throughout the room. Songs such as “The Cupid Shuffle” and “The Cha Cha Slide” caused people to line up side by side and listen to the dance steps being recited over the amplifiers. The new dance regulations that were enforced kept the dancing to an appropriate level of friendliness between students and their comrades. When asked, the majority of students claimed to be enjoying their time at the dance. Girls in dazzling dresses, which varied greatly in silhouette, color, and luster, accompanied by their stunning dates flocked into Wynford’s Fall Homecoming Dance for a night of fun, dancing, and music and were not disappointed in the slightest.

Monday, September 23, 2013

New Lunch Program

New Lunch Program Brings Excitement 

By: Hunter Miller

Wynford High School threw a curveball straight to the stomach of its student body and by that I mean its lunch program. Wynford decided to bring in Crossroads Cafe to serve lunch for the new year and along with that came some major changes. The changes this program brought have been both positive and negative for the students along with the workers behind the scene. After speaking with several lunch workers about Crossroad’s system, they feel that the variety of fruits and vegetables added this year has been the biggest success. According to our online survey results, the multiple main menu lunch choices had the biggest impact. (See Figure 1) Even though the fruits and vegetables were not the top choice of cafeteria visitors, it has definitely contributed to healthier eating habits than in the past years. This is definitely a positive for Wynford students and staff. However, the one negative everyone is talking about is the flow of the lunch line. Some students are having shortened amounts of time to eat because of others taking too long to make their choice. According to the lunch workers, the favorite meal this year is the new pizza. The pizza is now cut in slices instead of the rectangular pieces that seemed to be a Wynford tradition from past pizza types. An interview with Calab Duty, Crossroads Cafe supervisor, indicated his passion for being in charge of our lunch program. He said, “The lunch program this year has been going very well. If you give students a larger variety, they seem to make healthier choices.” Mr. Duty feels the only negative about this program has been the length of the lines. According to Mr. Duty, “As this program grows, hopefully we can find a happy medium between the students and the servers. If we can reach this, the flow of the line should improve.” Mr. Duty is considering an option where the lunch workers could serve the food since they know the correct portion size and can move a little faster than the students could when serving themselves. During the conversation with the supervisor, he expressed his happiness to be here and is excited to watch this program grow. Mr. Duty said, “I enjoy working with young people and if you happen to see me around the school please do not be afraid to stop and say hello!” Overall, Crossroads Cafe seems to be a great addition to Wynford High School and as the year goes on the negatives should work themselves out. Make sure you keep an eye out for Mr. Duty along with all the others involved in this new system. Do not hesitate to express your thoughts to anyone involved with this new program. Students and staff within the school seem excited about this program and can not wait to watch it grow.

Figure 1 Online Survey Results for Favorite Lunch Program Changes 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wynford Cross Country

Cross Country Runners Tear It Up at County Meet.

By: Sara Hoffman, Galion, Ohio

Wynford runners ran very well on the 17th of september at the Amman’s Reservoir in Galion, Ohio. The high school boys ran at 4:30 in very hot conditions but they pushed through it and came out runners up at the county meet. Mark Pfeifer lead the team finishing 6th with a time of 17:50. Freshman Donnie Brooks came in 11th with a time of 18:37 and senior Jacob Hord followed him with a time of 18:41. Still staying high in the placing were Michael Shupp finishing 19th with a 19:36 and placing 5th for the Royals was Matt Hall finishing 23rd with a time of 19:44. The boys were very proud of all their times and coming in 2nd in the county was a great accomplishment for the team.
The high school girls followed the boys race. The Royals still stayed strong as Ellie Richmond was the county winner for girls with a time of 20:55.  That was her best time so far this year. Freshman Madi Schiefer was only a few spots behind her taking 4th with a time of 21:39. Other Wynford runners finishing in the top 20 were Rachel Redolf (24:02, 17th overall) Sara Hoffman (24:34, 20th overall). The high school girls placed 3rd out of 6 teams. Anyone finishing in the top 20 in high school races are medalist.
Our boys junior high team placed 3rd also with Seth Karcher taking 9th, Josh Rose 10th, Tim Chandler 16th, Noah Smith 17th, Kyle Koon 18th, and rounding out the team was Ryan Stevely finishing 25th.
The last race of the evening was the junior high girls.  Shay Miller took 1st place in the junior high event and all Wynford runners improved on their times.  The Wynford Cross Country team will be back in action next Saturday the 28th at Buckeye Central starting at 9 a.m.

Wynford Golf

Wynford Wins NCC Tournament

By: Shae Duncan

On Tuesday, September 17, 2013, The Wynford golf team defeated four other teams in the North Central Conference (NCC) Golf Tournament. Overall, Wynford scored a 341 as a team which was 3 strokes better than second place Galion.  Not only did Wynford play well as a team, but senior, Nate Smith, finished first on the leaderboard with medalist honors. Nate’s score of 76 was only four strokes over par at the Bucyrus Golf Club. Additional contributors to Wynford’s victory were Logan Leitzy, 85, Quenten Stuckey, 88, and Brennen McQuire, 92.  Coach Chandler was very pleased with the teams performance. He said, “Nathan and the team has a whole did very well.” Coach Chandler was very happy with the outcome of the match.  Wynford’s next NCC match is today at Bucyrus Golf Club versus Crestline at 4:00 p.m. and Sectional Tournament play begins Tuesday for girl’s and Thursday for boy’s.  Tee time for this event is scheduled for 9:00 a.m.

Wynford Volleyball

Wynford Varsity Volleyball Defeats Riverdale

By: Lexie Creel 

The Wynford Lady Royals hosted the Riverdale Falcons on September 17, 2013. The Lady Royals defeated the Falcons in 3 games 25-14, 25-12, 25-14. Defensively, the Lady Royals had an amazing game. Coach Hurles said, “Sydney played very well in serve-receive and Brooke Miller passed very well.” Offensively, Coach Hurles said, “Brenna Quinn lead the team in kills and Meghan Harrer did a great job of turning
bad balls into good plays.” In Junior Varsity action, the Royals also defeated the Falcons in 3 matches. The Lady Royals next game is September 19, 2013 at Buckeye Central starting at 5:30.

8th Grade Football

 8th Grade Football Routs Falcons 
by: Victoria Loftis

Wynford 8th graders played Riverdale on Tuesday, September 17, 2013.  The Royals started the game in high gear and did not let up on Falcons. The Royals took an early lead in the first quarter 8-0.  In the second quarter,  the Royals scored 2 more  touchdowns against the Falcons defense to make the halftime score 24-0 in favor of the Royals. The third and fourth quarters were no different for the Royals where the offense continued to man- handle the Falcons defense finishing the game with a 52-0 rout of the Falcons. The Wynford 8th graders now improve their record to 4-0 on the season. The Royals are back in action on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at Galion.

Friday, September 13, 2013

7th Grade Football

7th Grade Off to Rough Start
by Melanie Garrett

On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, the seventh grade hosted the Bucyrus Redmen. Quarterback, Joel Griffin, completed a touchdown pass to running back Steele Rose for the Royals only score of the game. This was the only lead the Royals could manage. The Redmen came back after Wynford's brief 6-0 lead and defeated the Royals 20-6. The seventh graders are 0-2 for the season in league standings. Their next game is Tuesday, September 24 against Galion at home.

Freshman Footbal

Wynford Ties Carey in Freshman Football

By: Kelsey Redden
The Freshman football team hosted Carey on Thursday September 12, 2013. The score was close through all four quarters. The first half did not see a lot of action, the only touchdown scored was by Wynford leading 8-0 after a two point conversion. After halftime, both teams started to spark and got into a groove. By the end of the third quarter, the score was Wynford 16 Carey 8. The fourth quarter saw the most action and turned the game into a nail biter. Wynford scored first but was unable to score on a two point conversion. Carey ended up scoring two other times but failed to make the two point conversion on the second touchdown which tied up the score at 22. Wynford got the ball back with 1:28 left on the clock and drove the ball down the field quickly. With no timeouts left they were unable to score as the last seconds ticked off the clock. The game ended in a 22 all tie due to the fact that freshmen teams do not play overtime.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Wynford Senior Night

Senior Night Makes its 50th Appearance
Brooke Miller

As Wynford High School celebrates it’s 50th anniversary there was no doubt the crowd would be larger than ever on the first football game of the season.  Being a Wynford tradition,

first home football game of the year calls for one main event: Senior Night.  At roughly 6:30 friday night September 6th against Mohawk, the 2014 senior class that participates in a fall activity lined up with their parents in the endzone, ready to proudly walk down the field with, what many would call, their main supporters.  As the announcer in the press box stated the senior’s name, parent(s), and fall sport or activity, several photographers at the 50 yard line took numerous shots of the enthused seniors and their proud parents.  Many ended the walk by shaking the coach ‘s hand or tightly hugging his or her mother, thanking her for everything.  Senior Gage Roe even celebrated his 18th birthday by walking down the field on Senior night.  What a great kickoff to the 50th year at Wynford High School!

Wynford Football

Wynford Crushes Mohawk at Senior Night
By Emilee Hoover, “Royal Times”
Friday September 6th, the Wynford varsity football team showed great teamwork at their first home varsity game this year. Brock Williamson, the quarterback, threw three touchdown passes. One to Hunter Miller, Tony Watson, and Braxton Tea. That was their first touchdown catches of their careers. Brock Williamson also ran one touchdown and tackled six different Mohawk receivers. Corey Brown, the running back, also made one touchdown. Coach Amicone said, “the defense played outstanding”. Mohawk tried to rally a comeback after halftime and scored 13 points. In the end Wynford beat Mohawk 34-13.

Wynford Golf

Wynford Wins Golf Match

by: Lainie Wright

On Thursday, September 5th Wynford played Bucyrus and Crestline in a duel golf match at the Bucyrus Golf Course.  It started at about 4pm and finished around  6:30 pm. Wynford’s final score was  a good 159 defeating both Bucyrus and Crestline. The final scores for Wynford were Nathan Smith with a low of 35, Logan Leitzy  with a 40, Alec Thomas  a 46, Quenten Stuckey also with a 46, and Brenen McGuire with a 38. Wynford is now 7-4 this year and they only have seven matches left in this year’s season. Mr. Chandler the golf coach said,  "that the golf team has had a good couple wins”. The golf team should be expecting many more wins in their future based on how well they did in their last match.