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Monday, September 9, 2013

Wynford Senior Night

Senior Night Makes its 50th Appearance
Brooke Miller

As Wynford High School celebrates it’s 50th anniversary there was no doubt the crowd would be larger than ever on the first football game of the season.  Being a Wynford tradition,

first home football game of the year calls for one main event: Senior Night.  At roughly 6:30 friday night September 6th against Mohawk, the 2014 senior class that participates in a fall activity lined up with their parents in the endzone, ready to proudly walk down the field with, what many would call, their main supporters.  As the announcer in the press box stated the senior’s name, parent(s), and fall sport or activity, several photographers at the 50 yard line took numerous shots of the enthused seniors and their proud parents.  Many ended the walk by shaking the coach ‘s hand or tightly hugging his or her mother, thanking her for everything.  Senior Gage Roe even celebrated his 18th birthday by walking down the field on Senior night.  What a great kickoff to the 50th year at Wynford High School!

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