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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wynford Junior High Volleyball

Wynford Junior High Volleyballers Defeat Bucyrus

By: Shae Duncan

Wynford Junior High Volleyball hosted a match against Bucyrus on Tuesday, September 24th. The Royals started serving “aces” right from the start. Lexi White ran off 15 straight points for the Royals. Wynford seventh graders won their first game easily by a score of 25-4 and also took care of the Redmen in the second game, 25-8. Although the Bucyrus seventh grade girls attempted to dig every ball, they still never gave up making sure Wynford still worked for their points.
In the eighth grade game, the Royals had a more difficult time getting the win over Bucyrus. The Royals and the Redmen volleyed leads back and forth for both games. After the lead changes were finished, the Royals were able to win game one 25-20 and game two 25-14. Overall, Wynford dominated both games and scalped the Redmen. The seventh graders are 9-0, while the eighth graders are 8-3. The Royals are in back in action on September 30 hosting St. Bernards at 5:00 p.m.

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