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Friday, September 27, 2013

Junior High Volleyball

Wynford 7th Grade Volleyball Remains Undefeated 

By: Kelsey Redden 

The Lady Royals hosted the Lady Rams on Thursday September 26th at 5:00 PM. The Lady Royals had a comfortable win in the first game and the second game started to look like the first. As the game went on Upper Sandusky slowly started to fight its way back and eventually took the first lead of the game 22-21. The Lady Royals were unable to hold the Lady Rams and the second games final score was 25-22. This took the match into the tiebreaker game. The Lady Rams started out serving in the third game and scored 5 points before the Lady Royals were able to score. The Lady Royals got into a groove and went on an 11-point run before the Rams were able to score. The Lady Royals kept their lead to gain the win 25-17. The Lady Royals are now able to add this win to their undefeated record 10-0. 
The 8th grade Lady Royals had trouble getting things to fall into place for them as the first game started. They quickly found themselves down early 16-8 and struggled to get back into the game. The Lady Royals did score a few more points but could not pull together to come back for the win. The Lady Rams took the win in the first game 25-17. The Lady Royals were beginning to face the same problems they had in the first game. The Lady Rams took an early 6 point lead before the Lady Royals were able to score. From there the Royals kept the lead but the Rams were right behind them the whole time keeping the Royals on their toes. The Rams finally took the lead 21-20 and the Royals tied the game a point later. The Royals were able to score one more point but came up short in the very close game. The Rams took the win 25-23 making the Lady Royals record 7-4. The Lady Royals travel to Galion on Tuesday, October 1st to take on the Lady Tigers.

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