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Monday, September 23, 2013

New Lunch Program

New Lunch Program Brings Excitement 

By: Hunter Miller

Wynford High School threw a curveball straight to the stomach of its student body and by that I mean its lunch program. Wynford decided to bring in Crossroads Cafe to serve lunch for the new year and along with that came some major changes. The changes this program brought have been both positive and negative for the students along with the workers behind the scene. After speaking with several lunch workers about Crossroad’s system, they feel that the variety of fruits and vegetables added this year has been the biggest success. According to our online survey results, the multiple main menu lunch choices had the biggest impact. (See Figure 1) Even though the fruits and vegetables were not the top choice of cafeteria visitors, it has definitely contributed to healthier eating habits than in the past years. This is definitely a positive for Wynford students and staff. However, the one negative everyone is talking about is the flow of the lunch line. Some students are having shortened amounts of time to eat because of others taking too long to make their choice. According to the lunch workers, the favorite meal this year is the new pizza. The pizza is now cut in slices instead of the rectangular pieces that seemed to be a Wynford tradition from past pizza types. An interview with Calab Duty, Crossroads Cafe supervisor, indicated his passion for being in charge of our lunch program. He said, “The lunch program this year has been going very well. If you give students a larger variety, they seem to make healthier choices.” Mr. Duty feels the only negative about this program has been the length of the lines. According to Mr. Duty, “As this program grows, hopefully we can find a happy medium between the students and the servers. If we can reach this, the flow of the line should improve.” Mr. Duty is considering an option where the lunch workers could serve the food since they know the correct portion size and can move a little faster than the students could when serving themselves. During the conversation with the supervisor, he expressed his happiness to be here and is excited to watch this program grow. Mr. Duty said, “I enjoy working with young people and if you happen to see me around the school please do not be afraid to stop and say hello!” Overall, Crossroads Cafe seems to be a great addition to Wynford High School and as the year goes on the negatives should work themselves out. Make sure you keep an eye out for Mr. Duty along with all the others involved in this new system. Do not hesitate to express your thoughts to anyone involved with this new program. Students and staff within the school seem excited about this program and can not wait to watch it grow.

Figure 1 Online Survey Results for Favorite Lunch Program Changes 

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