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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crawford County 20/20 Vision Senior Day

Crawford County 20/20 Vision Talks Future 

By: Shae Duncan, Crawford County Fairgrounds

Tuesday, September 24, 2013, Crawford County 20/20 Vision gathered all seniors in Crawford County, at the fair ground to discuss business after high school. Element 7 comprised of Wynford students T.J. Mohr, Zach Lear and Nate Sparks welcomed all six high schools that attended by playing multiple songs. After the band finished their introduction, Wynford Superintendent, Steve Mohr, took the microphone to welcome everyone. He informed all in attendance about what the day was going to hold for the students. Multiple videos about a variety of jobs were played. These videos went into descriptions on what job(s) are available and needed within Crawford County. Multiple speakers, such as, Tom Ryan, who is currently Ohio State University's head wrestling coach, and Mr. O’Brien, Wynford’s new freshmen English teacher, and others spoke on a variety of topics. Tom Ryan’s emotional and inspirational message was to go after your dreams and set goals for your future. Mr O’Brien’s message to all graduates was about his choice of Crawford County being the right choice over other bigger cities, more pay, and better offers.  The speakers and the videos talked and demonstrated issues that we may face after graduation. Crawford County 20/20 Vision’s goal was to inform us about our future and what it holds for us. If you are a senior and your future plans are still undecided, remember the options and offers that Crawford County has available.

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