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Monday, September 9, 2013

Wynford Golf

Wynford Wins Golf Match

by: Lainie Wright

On Thursday, September 5th Wynford played Bucyrus and Crestline in a duel golf match at the Bucyrus Golf Course.  It started at about 4pm and finished around  6:30 pm. Wynford’s final score was  a good 159 defeating both Bucyrus and Crestline. The final scores for Wynford were Nathan Smith with a low of 35, Logan Leitzy  with a 40, Alec Thomas  a 46, Quenten Stuckey also with a 46, and Brenen McGuire with a 38. Wynford is now 7-4 this year and they only have seven matches left in this year’s season. Mr. Chandler the golf coach said,  "that the golf team has had a good couple wins”. The golf team should be expecting many more wins in their future based on how well they did in their last match.

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