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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Future Farmers of America Week

Wynford Joins in National FFA Celebration

By: Emilee Hoover, “Royal Times” 
On Monday, February 17th, Wynford FFA (Future Farmers of America) students began to celebrate National FFA Week with an ice cream eating contest and by wearing an FFA t-shirt. National FFA Week is where everyone celebrates FFA throughout the country and starts February 15th and last until February 22nd. There are currently about seventy students in the Wynford FFA program. Unfortunately, Wynford could not do the Tuesday activities because school was canceled. On Wednesday the 19th, FFA members dressed in their official uniforms and held a ping pong activity. On Thursday, February 20th, students will wear officer polos, participate in corn hole games, and hold a FFA meeting after school which includes a leadership activity. Also, they will hold a teacher appreciation day on Thursday. The teachers of Wynford will get to enjoy some delicious ice cream and homemade pies after school. Friday, February 21st, is drive your tractor to school day and will have a balloon pop activity. Watch out for those “Aggies”. They can get pretty excited during FFA week especially on tractor day.

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