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Monday, February 10, 2014

Girls Finish 3rd at NCC Swimming Championship Meet

By: Shae Duncan
Wednesday, January 29th, Colonel Crawford hosted the girls and boys swimming NCC championship meet. The teams that swam were Wynford, Galion, Bucyrus, Colonel Crawford, Upper, and Crestline. Starting with the girls, their first race was the 200 Yard Medley Relay where Kalee Lohr, Callie Ruffener, Sara Hoffman, and Madison Graham placed first with a 2:02 which was a drop of three seconds from their previous best time. Wynford’s Kalee Lohr swam the 200 Yard IM, the fifth event of the evening, and placed second with a time of 2:23. In the seventh event, the 50 Yard Free, Wynford’s Callie Ruffener, 26.85, placed second and Madison Graham, 27.32, placed third. Kaylee Lohr placed second again in the 100 Yard Fly with a time of 1:06. In the 100 Yard Free, Madison Graham placed second with a time of 1:00. Callie Ruffener then swam in the 100 Yard Back placing third with a 1:07. Sara Hoffman placed second in the 100 Yard Breast with a 1:17. Madison Graham, Kalee Lohr, Sara Hoffman, and Callie Ruffener then swam the 400 Yard Free Relay placing second with a group time of 4:04. That ended the day for the girls. The boys first swim was the 200 Yard Medley Relay where Trey Smith, Ethan Stuckey, Max hackman, and David Blank placed third with a time of 2:14. In the boys 200 Yard Free Ethan Stuckey placed fourth with a 2:15. Ethan then placed fifth with a 1:08 in the 100 Yard Fly. Trey Smith, David Blank, William Slagle, and Ethan Stuckey swam the 200 Yard Free Relay and ended up placing fifth with a team time of 1:53. Then Trey Smith was able to place fourth in the 100 Yard Back. That ended the day for the boys. The girls and guys will compete in a sectional match February 8th in Mansfield. This is where they have the opportunity to qualify for the districts, but if not this will be their last race for the swim season.

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