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Friday, December 19, 2014

Royals Improve to 2-0.

Double Overtime Victory

By: Kalyn Heinle, “Royal Times”
The Wynford varsity and junior varsity played Ridgedale on Saturday, December 13, 2014 at W.R. Donnenwirth Gymnasium. The “House of Thrills” held up to its name. The varsity got off to a rocky start during the first half trailing the Rockets at halftime by seven points. The Royals made a strong comeback after having a pep talk during half time. The Rockets still maintained an eight point lead over the Royals but during the fourth quarter Wynford was determined to win. The Rockets and Royals battled back and forth during the fourth quarter. When the final buzzer sounded the score was tied at 69 all. Overtime started and neither team was willing to give up. Each team traded baskets during the first four minutes of overtime with the game still remaining tied at 80. During the second overtime, the Royals remained determined to win. The Royals handled the Rockets pressure and were able to make each possession count. Ridgedale was forced to foul in the overtime periods due to the ball control of the Royals. The Royals were 28 of 33 from the foul line for an impressive 85 percent. In the end, the Royals were triumphant winning 94-87. The leading scorers for the Royals were Alex Crall with 27 points, Braxton Tea with 19 points, and Hunter Miller with 15. 

The junior varsity played very well on Saturday night as well dominating the Rockets, 55-36. The junior varsity leading scorers were Micheal Barber and Jordan Creel with 12 points and Thad Hensel with 8 points. At the end of the game, German foreign exchange student, Janne Becker, contributed to the Royals total by making his first shot in a basketball game. The Wynford crowd cheered with excitement and support. The Royals will be playing their first away game on Friday, December 19th at Colonel Crawford.

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