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Friday, April 1, 2016

First Grade at Div III State Tournament


By Nelle Nutter

After performing the Star Spangled Banner at a home Varsity Girls' Basketball game, the first graders went viral on Twitter and Facebook, and caught the attention of Jerry Snodgrass at the OHSAA.
Mr. Snodgrass contacted Mrs. Nutter to see if the group would be interested in singing at a Boys' Championship game in Columbus...and of course we said yes!
Thirty-four students loaded a bus at 7:30 to head to Columbus for a 10:45 game.  The students entered the arena in an entrance that allowed them to go straight on to the floor.  The students were amazed by the Schottenstein Center, from an adult's perspective, their pure amazement may have been the best part of the day!
The students practiced several times before finding their seats.
When it was time for the game, they marched on to the court with confidence and sang with great enthusiasm and pride in front of thousands of people!  After they performed, they took their seats and enjoyed the game.  They also took a walking tour of the Schott.
The PTO supplied students with snacks for the way to Columbus, a parent treated them all with cotton candy, the school provided lunch and the OHSAA provided tickets for the students and staff attending.
This trip would not have possible without the preparation provided by Carrie Freshour, Tracy Frombaugh, Tonya Kimmel, Sean Weisenauer, Teresa Wenner, Dawn Schaaf and of course, the students' parents!

First grade students that participated in the event were: Left to Right: Back Row: Aaron Rabun, Addie Dunford, Brooke Frombaugh, Allyson Liming, Landon Miller, Trey Johnson, Korbin Wyss, Daniel Fleming, Braxton Leeper, Zayden Reinhart, Gavin Koehler, Shilese LaFrance

Middle Row: Allie Bessinger, Evan Stacklin, Jesse Whitmeyer, Cali Weible, Daina Tate, Brooklyn Stauffer, Gwendolyn Collene, 
Gavin Cross-Tucker, Victoria Kelly, Evan Hedges

Front Row: Maggie Ridge, Kylie Harer, Brooke Schieber, Braxton Hunt, Cali Holbrook, Maddison Keaton, Hayden Langenderfer, Willa Johnson, Caroline Sheldon, Alivia Ritzler, Eli Cooper, Brennen Westrick

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