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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Junior High Boys Basketball

JH Boys Basketball Lose Season Openers

By: Kelsey Redden

On Tuesday, December 3, 2013, the junior high boys basketball team hosted their season opener against Buckeye Central in the elementary school gym. The 7th grade game was held first and tip off was at 5 pm. The game got off to a slow start, and it was the closest the Royals were to the Bucks all night. The Bucks lead at the end of period one 9-4. After the first quarter things only got worse for the Royals. Wynford struggled with their shooting game and committed numerous turnovers which the Bucks capitalized on. The Bucks offensive game was to fast for the Royals to keep up with. The Bucks lead at halftime the 19-6. When the Royals came out to start the second half, they looked determined. As the second half progressed, the Royals intensity slowly vanished. The mistakes they made in the first half were the same mistakes they made in the second half. The Bucks handed the Royals their first loss of the season 31-17. Caleb Rausch lead the Royals in scoring with 10 points. The Royals fall to 0-1 on the season. 
The 8th grade game followed and was more up tempo compared to the 7th grade. Although the outcome was the same for the Royals, a loss to the Bucks. During the first quarter the Royals were within five points of the Bucks, and it was the closet the Royals could stay. The Bucks offense and defense were too much for the Royals. At halftime, the Royals were trailing the Bucks, and the Royals looked down as they walked to the locker room. The Royals were late coming back onto the court and still had a look of disappointment in their eyes. Things did not get better for the boys, as they still continued to commit turnovers. The Bucks were just too much for the Royals to keep up with. The Bucks handed the 8th grade boys (0-1) their first loss of the season 52-30. The leading scorers for the Royals were Cole Heinlen, 9, Zach Houck, 8, and Caleb Stone, 7. The Royals are not happy to start the season off with a loss, but know what they need to work on before their next game. The Royals next game is on Thursday, December 5 at home against Bucyrus.

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