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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wynford Christmas Concert

Wynford Music Department Shares Christmas Cheer

By: Meghan Harrer 

On Thursday, December 20th, the Wynford junior/senior choir, freshman/sophomore choir, high school band and Royal Singers performed their annual Christmas concert in the high school gymnasium. The junior/senior choir and the freshman/sophomore choir performed six songs under the direction of Mr. Heydinger and pianist Mrs. Rich. The songs were all Christmas themed songs called: Cantar, Jingle Bell Rock, Most Wonderful Time, Little Innocent Lamb, Come to the Manger and Listen Children. The freshman/sophomore choir sang Calypso Christmas. The band performed three songs under the direction of Mr. Copeland which consisted of: Fanfare Prelude on Joy to the World, Jingle Bell Forever, A Christmas Auld Lang Syne and Russian Christmas. Lastly, the Royals Singers performed five songs that were directed and choreographed by Mr. Heydinger. The songs were: I’ll Be There, which consisted of a solo from junior Rachel Ehresman, Open Arms, Come Sail Away, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Haven’t Met You Yet, which also consisted of a solo from senior Jacob Hord. The Royal Singers had dances to go along with all the songs. After the concert, Mr. Heydinger said, “Joannee Church showed the most emotion and joy while singing which really got the choir a lot of compliments.” Many audience members expressed their enjoyment to Mr. Heydinger and Mr. Copeland that the concert was a wonderful way to spread the Christmas cheer.

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