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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Alumni Activities

Wynford Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Alumni Follies 

By: Michaela Lloyd, “Royal Times”
The 50th Anniversary Royal Follies took place Sunday, March 16 in the high school auditorium. It was put together delightfully by Heidi Kauffman, who also hosted it alongside Mark Light. The Wynford Jazz Band began the performance, which then led into a comedy skit starring Nikki Miller and Cherrie Wilson. Next, Dr. Sean Teets sang the song, “Come Ready and See Me”, drawing much applause from the crowd. Then the Wynford twirlers came out onto the stage and did a wonderful twirling routine that kept the audience captivated. The next talented performer, James Buck, sang the classic song, “Danny Boy”. The Royal Singers came out and sang, followed by an amazing saxophone solo performance by Dave Miller. The alumni Royal Singers came onto the stage and sang, “When I’m Sixty-Four”, then passed the floor onto the Wynford Jazz Band who performed, “Watermelon Man”. The next musical performance was by Wendy Main who entertained the ears of the numerous people that attended with the song, “Hard Hearted Hannah”. The next act was a musical skit starring Steve Garberick, several girls and a special audience guest, Michael Crall. Following was a great performance by Liz Brown who sang, “Jewel Song”, providing a tough act to follow for the next performance by the cast who sang the “Wynford Fight Song”. Afterwards a harmonious piano solo of Beethoven’s “Adiago” from Moonlight Sonata by Lional Reinhard soothed the audience. The next performance was a skit called, “Preacher and the Bear”, starring Wendy Main and Cherrie Wilson. After the skit an entertaining performance of, “Henhouse 5+ Too”, made everyone laugh. The line of adults making loud chicken noises seemed to tickle the audience to the point of laughter. After this entertaining skit, Kathy Grochowalski and several of her teacher friends got on stage to tell of the many adventurous jobs they would do if they had not become a teacher. Next, the Royal Singers performed a song and encouraged cast members of past Wynford productions to stand up. Afterwards Cherrie Wilson read a touching letter from a father to a child in the armed forces called, Father’s Prayer. The alumni came out and sang, “What’s More American?”, for a final performance before the curtain call. Special thanks is due to Patricia Neff, pianist; director of the alumni singers, Dr. Sean Teets; director of the Wynford Royal Singers, Mark Heydinger; director of the Wynford Jazz Band, Carl Copeland; and the Wynford students who were in charge of lighting and sound. This smooth running show met the expectations of each and every person who attended and left the audience with nothing but good things to say. Wynford’s 50th Anniversary Follies were a huge success, and a great way to celebrate Wynford High School’s long history.

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