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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Students Waiting on Board Approval for England Trip

Wynford Plans Trip to London, England for the Year 2016

By: Michaela Lloyd, “Royal Times” 
Wynford’s English department is planning a once-in-a-lifetime oversea trip for the junior and senior classes of 2016. The plan is to travel to London, England for a nine day adventure, exploring several of England’s greatest tourist attractions: Big Ben, Windsor Castle, Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Stonehenge, and even the Crown Jewels! The trip will be run through the company CHA, renowned for their specialization in educational tours for schools. This nine day excursion comes at the price of $3,749, but keep in mind the more money raised from fundraising, the smaller the price tag will be. Included in the price would be round trip airfare, seven nights in three and four star hotels (days one and nine are counted as departure days), a full-time CHA tour guide, breakfast and dinner every day, private motor-coach transportation, and guided sightseeing tours of the locations listed above (as well as some other additional places). Adults can also chaperone for the trip for an additional $342. More information, and fundraising progress will be disclosed as the trip draws closer, for any additional information contact Mr. O’ Brien. Wynford’s students are eager for the opportunity to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to the foreign land of England and learn about the historical sights and locations they will be able to view, in person, during this unique once-in-a-lifetime experience.


  1. that's so cool what would the sophomores for that year get?

  2. what if the juniors and seniors of ether 2018 or 2019 got to take a trip to Cozumel or Spain for the Spanish class