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Monday, September 8, 2014

Senior Night

2014-2015 Senior Athletes

By: Megan Sterner, Royal Times

Wynford’s annual senior night was scorched by the Liberty Benton Eagles. The Eagles defeated the Royals 28-6 in the first week of Friday night football. During senior night, all of the seniors that are active in any fall sport were announced before the football game. The seniors walked down the middle of the football field supported by a family member(s).  Senior night was a very emotional night for many of the seniors, and their parent(s). Wynford High School is proud of our senior class this year. Go Royals!
The names of Wynford’s senior fall athletes:
Kaleb Alspach
Levi Abbott
Zach Hendrickson
Mason Johnson
Hunter Miller
Hayden Rhoades
Cyle Skidmore
Austin Shutler
Trey Smith
Keaton Teynor
Kody Wilburn
Allie Crall
Hannah Langston
Shelby Sipe
Brenan Mcguire
Quenten Stuckey
Sydney Alspach
Brooke Miller
Lydie Miller

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