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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wynford Cross Country Invitational

Course Misleading to Runners

By: Ellie Richmond

The Wynford Royals hosted their annual Wynford Invitational on Tuesday, September 2 at Wynford High School. There were a total of ten high school boys teams, and nine high school girls teams that competed in the invitational. At 4:30 p.m., the high school boys sprinted away from the start line and towards the finish line. As the runners took the challenge of the course, they accidentally missed running  a section before the second mile mark. “I thought I was following the right arrows,” explained Seth Karcher, a Wynford runner. Luckily, this mishap did not severely affect the final times for the runners. The Royals’ top finisher was Donnie Brooks, who placed 14th with a time of 17:30. Following him was Matt Hall who placed 40th and ran a time of 18:39. In 50th place was David Blank finishing with a 19:05 and in 68th was Seth Karcher with a 19:59.  Nathan Weithman ran a  26:17 and placed 104th overall. The girls high school race began at approximately 5:00 p.m. and took on the full course.  As the fans cheered  on the runners at the finish, Madi Schiefer came in first for the Wynford team placing 17th and running a 23:25. Cheyenne Tobias and Morgan Beaschler ran neck and neck at the finish placing one after the other, 28th and 29th, and both finishing with a 24:32. Aryn Copeland was next in 33rd and ran a time of 25:08. Kaleigh Swalley placed 74th overall with a time of 30:02. Ellie Richmond did not compete due to a hip injury from the previous meet.  After the girls were all finished, the boys junior high race was underway around 5:30 p.m. The first finisher for Wynford was Josh Rose, who placed 6th with a time of 12:10. Coming in 15th, Tim Chandler ran a 13:42. Next up was Gunner Coffman who ran a 14:49 and placed 30th.  Ryan Stevely, who placed 37th, finished with a time of 15:29. The girls junior high finished up the race and the top finisher for the Royals was Tricia Morr, who placed 28th with a 16:59. Right after Tricia, Annie Feinning ran a 17:04 placing 29th. Katherine Blank came in 34th running a time of 18:09 and Emma Lohr placed 45th overall with a time of 21:47. The junior high and high school teams plan to take on the famous Tiffin Carnival on Saturday, September 6 and travel to Lucas on September 9.

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