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Thursday, October 10, 2013

High School Student Council

New Student Council for 2013

By: Melanie Garrett

Mrs. Jennings, Family Consumer Science teacher, takes on a new role as 2013-2014 High School Student Council Advisor. This year the high school student council has many fun activities planned for the high school. Some upcoming activities are fall and winter homecoming, staff and student appreciation days, Veteran’s Day Assembly, Royal Reunion, and miscellaneous spirit days. If you would like to become involved with student council, you must fill out an application and return to Mrs. Jennings by May 2014 during re-election time. The student body will then vote for next years student council members and the results will be posted by the end of the 2014 school year. When asking Mrs. Jennings about her new position she said, “ I am very nervous but excited about the new things that are coming.” The student council senior candidates are Gage Roe, Brock Williamson, Meghan Harrer, Jake Glowaski, and Madison Graham. The junior candidates are Hannah Kocher, Brooke Miller, Kaleb Alspach, Hunter Miller, and Paige Kissling. Sophomore candidates are Anna Blank, Anna Leibengood, MacKenton Johnson, Jennifer Brown, and Kelsey Dunford. The freshman candidates are Seth Hoffman, Blake Williamson, Luke Scott, Tyler Glowaski, and Lynae Rausch. In the first meeting of the year, the entire membership elected officers; president, Lindsay Rausch; vice president Karlee Schiefer; secretary, Madison Graham; and treasurer, Brooke Miller. The student body is excited with Mrs. Jennings new role as advisor and looking forward to all the planned activities.

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