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Monday, October 14, 2013

Wynford vs. Galion Football

Royals Outlast Tigers in Overtime

By: Michaela Lloyd

The Wynford Royals Varsity football team hosted the Galion Tigers on Friday, October 11, 2013. The game was an even match up with neither team scoring until the second quarter.  The Tigers scored the first touchdown, leaving the Wynford fans suffering to get some points on the board. Finally, in the third quarter, Corey Brown delivered. T.J. Mohr’s extra point tied score (7-7), leaving fans with a sense of hope. The players muscled on, pushing the game into overtime.  The Galion Tigers again scored first adding another six points on the board but missed the extra point bringing the score to 13-7. Anxiety struck the Royal fans but the team never gave up hope. Only a few minutes were left on the clock when Keaton Teynor scored the final touchdown, tying the score at 13. Neck and neck once again, everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for the extra point attempt as Mason Davis steadied the ball for T.J. Mohr. Anticipation was hanging in the air like the dust from the surrounding fields that hovered over the stadium; the suspense was almost tangible as T.J. lined himself up. He kicked the ball and it soared through the uprights flawlessly. The final score was Wynford-14, Galion-13. Instantly the Royals ran to the field rejoicing, jumping up and down with their hands in the air and yelling in victory. Wynford continued their home game winning streak as they move to 3-1 in the NCC. Their next game is at Colonel Crawford against the Eagles on Friday, October 18th.


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