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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Office Aides

2013-2014 Wynford High School Office Aids

By: Emilee Hoover “Royal Times”

The new 2013-2014 high school office aids are Alexa Franklin, Madison Graham, Reegan Scott, Nick Miller, Kelsey Redden, and Paige Kissling. This year office aide numbers were reduced due to a change in studyhall format. In years past, the high school office would have at least one aide per period but this year aides are only working during very busy periods. The high school office aids have many jobs such answering the phone, helping with deposits, making copies, doing PA announcements and running errands for Mrs. Daiber and Mr. Holbrook. Mrs. Daiber said, “Offices aids are very helpful.” Once she needed to give a message to a student but couldn’t leave the office because the phone kept ringing. At times like that office aids are a big help.

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