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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

State Supreme Court

Ohio Supreme Court Comes To Bucyrus

By: Mason Johnson

Matthew Crall, local Prosecutor, came to Wynford High School to inform junior and senior students about the State Supreme Court case coming to Bucyrus High School. He gave background information about how the State Supreme Court works and courtroom expectations. Juniors and seniors will witness the court case of Ohio V. Jeffrey McGlotham. Mr. McGlotham is claiming that he is staying with a woman and has no financial responsibility because he is not a true resident of the home. He is claiming that he is not living there. He has been charged with domestic violence against the woman he is staying with and cannot afford to contribute financially. He should not be barred from protection under the law, so he wants the State Supreme Court to reverse the Eighth District Court of Appeals previous judgement. He is solely arguing that the state cannot show shared financial
responsibility because he is not a resident of the home. He denied having any key possessions in the home proving his residency. After the case is heard, the State Supreme Court will decide whether Mr. McGlotham was a resident of the home and determine if the previous verdict can be overturned. Stay tuned for a full update on the court case in a follow up article.

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