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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Junior High Student Council

New Junior High Student Council Members

By: Emilee Hoover, "Royal Times”

The new members of this year’s Junior High Student Council have many plans for this school year. Wynford Junior High’s new 7th grade members are Olivia Grove, Chloe Radcliff, Josh Rose, Alexis White, Kelsie Williams, Payton Miller, and Tyler Phelps. The new 8th grade members are Bailey Alsphach, Arianna Brewster, James Chapman, Jenna Coffman, Shannon Crabtree, Wyatt Franklin, Cole Heinlen, Brionna Hill, Victoria Hoerig, Morgan Kapp, Mikinzee Pollard, Alexis Showers, Eleni Smock, Sami Strickland, Caleb Stone, Kennedy Teynor, and Mallory Voll. The 7th and 8th grade student council members have plans on doing fund raisers, such as a dodgeball tournament, a bake sale, and selling flowers and/or candy for Valentine’s Day. In terms of community service, they plan on doing a toy drive around Christmas, a can drive around Easter, and a trash pick up after sports games. They also have plans for recreational things like field day and a dance for the junior high students. The 7th and 8th graders also have some other things they plan to do, for example, they plan on doing a teacher appreciation week, a 6th grade tour, and some random acts of kindness. In all, the junior high student council members have a lot in store for this year.

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