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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Football Homecoming

The Royals Continue Their Winning Streak

By: Taylor Baumberger, “Royals Times” 

Despite the rain and cold of the football game, Friday October 3rd, the Royals easily defeated the Crestline Bulldogs. Before the game, the 2014 fall homecoming queen and king were crowned. Ellie Richmond was given the title of homecoming queen, and the king title was received by David Blank. The rain let up just in time for kick off. The first touchdown was scored early in the first quarter by Wynford senior, Austin Shutler. The extra point was added by Jalon Brown. The Royals ended the first quarter with three touchdowns, gaining one extra point with each, making the score 21-0. Wynford was playing a more technical and cohesive game, than Crestline. The next quarter was even more successful for the Royals, scoring four touchdowns and three extra points. This brought the score to 48-0 going into the second half. Due to the new OHSAA rule, the clock was only stopped for official’s timeouts in the second half with a team leading by more than 30 points. This gave the Royals enough time to score two more touchdowns, one in each quarter with mainly junior varsity players playing. The Bulldogs pushed through Wynford’s defense to gain a touchdown late in the fourth quarter, ending the game with a score of 62-6. Austin Shutler led the team with two touchdowns, as well as 106 of Wynford’s 223 yards receiving. Zack Hoffman had a total of 67 yards rushing and one touchdown, followed closely by Cole Fortner. Fortner contributed 50 yards rushing and scored one touchdown. Keaton Teynor made the leader board, passing for 286 yards. Kody Wilburn strengthened the Royals defense with four tackles and two sacks. Hayden Rhoades had three tackles and one sack. This win put the Royals at 5-0 in the Northern 10 (N10) Conference, and 5-1 for the season thus far. The Royals will be back in action Friday, October 10th, 2014, at Seneca East.

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