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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Scholar Athletes

Wynford Recognizes Student-Athletes

By: Todd Enders, "Royal Times"

Chris Solis, athletic director, wants to recognize Wynford student athletes by starting a new program for students in grades 9-12. All students who participate in a fall,  winter, or spring sport will have the opportunity to be recognized. In order to be eligible, each student must earn a 3.5 grade point average during the previous quarter of their current sport. Mr. Solis said, "Our athletes put in a tremendous amount of time in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom. I believe our athletes are students first and athletes second, and I want to see that they get recognition for this accomplishment." Wynford's first class of scholar athletes for cheerleading, cross country, golf, volleyball, and football are as follows:

Cheerleading: Allie Crall, Shelby Sipe, Taylor Leonhardt, Hannah Underwood, and Hannah Zeigler.
Missing from photo: Hannah Underwood
Cross Country: David Blank, Nathan Weithman, Chelsea Mosley, Ellie Richmond, Aryn Copeland, Kaleigh Swalley, and Madi Schiefer.
Missing from photo: Chelsea Mosley

Golf: MacKenton Johnson and Annika Gerlach.
Volleyball: Brooke Miller, Maci Cooper, Rhieannae Cory, Alyssa Harrer, Mallory Moore, Hayley McCoy, Sarah Ogden, Alexus Ross, Janai Troutman, and Tara Zinser.
Football: Trey Smith, Cole Fortner, James Guinther, Nate Sparks, Dalton Benson, Zach Hoffman, and Dylan McLaughlin. 
Missing from photo: Nate Sparks

In the future, Mr. Solis would like this program to become part of the annual banquet for each sport. He wants each athlete to be recognized as a scholar athlete while participating in a sport at Wynford. Please take a moment to congratulate these students, as the photos of each student athlete will be posted in the cafeteria trophy case.

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