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Monday, October 13, 2014

Wynford Volleyball

Royals Defeat Arch Rivalry

By: Jayden Charlton, “Royal Times”

The Wynford Royals played their biggest rivalry the Bucyrus Redmen on October 9th. The junior varsity played very hard and gave the Redmen two tough losses with the scores of 25-8, 25-23. Before the varsity game, the Royal seniors, Sydney Alspach, Lydia Miller, and Brooke Miller were escorted across the court by their parents. Each senior received recognition of what would be their last regular season home game at Wynford as volleyball players. Photos were taken as each senior received gifts and flowers from other teammates and Coach Hurles. It was evident that both parents and players were emotional. The varsity then played three competitive and exciting games. The Royals defeated the Redmen in each set as the teams played hard and kept the scores close til the very end, 25-21, 25-22, 28-26. Alyssa Harrer had eighteen kills and six aces, and Brooke Miller had twelve digs. The Royals improve to 13-5 in the N10 and 15-7 overall. They begin tournament play on October 15th hosting Gibsonburg at 6 p.m.


  1. Again, no mention of the SETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not understand why everybody forgets about the setter.................When my daughter played at Wynford they gave credit to her along with the hitters and the passers.....Well, I for one think your setter is AWESOME...for what she has to go through to get to the ball to set the hitters!!!!!!!!!! JOB WELL DONE #6

  2. Wow I didn't know your other daughter ever went or played volleyball at Wynford.

  3. A lot of the players mothers actually go watch them at their games.