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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Homecoming Ceremonies

The Queen and King are Crowned

By: Lauren Auck

The rain paused long enough for the king and queen candidates to enjoy their homecoming parade with the car tops down. The crowd was cheering them on and waving as they passed by. All the girls were dolled up with their hair and makeup done and their nice outfits. The gentlemen looked handsome, too. The cars drove around the track to the visitors side allowing the candidates to get out. Friends and family lined the sidelines with flashing cameras coming from all directions. The candidates were introduced as they walked across the field. Ellie Richmond escorted by Brydan Lohr was first to walk. At this point, the rain began to fall slowly and increased with intensity as Brooke Miller and David Blank along with Samantha Lambert and Trey Smith were escorted across the field. Up next, our Russian foreign exchange student, Marta Kovalyova, was escorted by Hayden Rhodes. Last, Hannah Kocher was escorted by Kaleb Alspach. Following the candidates was the 2013 fall homecoming queen, Meghan Harrer. The 2013 fall homecoming king, Gage Roe, was unable to attend. As the crowd waited with excitement, Ellie Richmond was crowned the 2014 homecoming queen and David Blank was crowned the 2014 homecoming king. Meghan Harrer crowned them both while the rain continued to wash away the dolled up look. The homecoming ceremonies were followed by the homecoming dance on Saturday night and fun was held by all!

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