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Monday, October 13, 2014

Leadership Conference

Four Wynford Students Attend Leadership Conference

By: Kalyn Heinle, “Royal Times”

Left to Right: Jerry Snodgrass, OHSAA Assistant 
Commissioner for basketball and soccer, Ellie Richmond, 
Alyssa Harrer, Hunter Miller, and Alex Crall.
On Tuesday, October 07, 2014, Wynford Royal student athletes represented Wynford High School at an OHSAA Leadership Conference. The Royals who attended the conference were Ellie Richmond, Hunter Miller, Alyssa Harrer, and Alex Crall who were nominated by Wynford coaches and the students peers. Ellie Richmond said, “I was very grateful to have the opportunity to represent Wynford High School at this leadership conference.” Amy Taylor-Sheldon accompanied the students to the event as the adult supervisor. There were several well-known speakers talking about Qualities of Leadership, Personal Accountability, Thinking Like an Athlete, Leadership Development, Ingredients of Success, and Distracted Driving. Hunter Miller was asked, How was listening to the speakers beneficial to becoming a better leader?” He said, “Most of those people are as successful as you could dream of being, and it was cool to see how the athletes were also successful in the classroom.” Alyssa Harrer said, “My favorite speaker was Jerome Singleton because he said, ‘I wouldn’t give up no matter what, and if my success wasn’t working in the classroom then I would focus on my sports, and when sports weren’t working, then I focused in the classroom.”’ After listening to Qualities of Leadership, Alex Crall commented,“I learned leadership skills that can help improve our school.” These four students are going to bring what they learned and apply it inside and outside of our school to improve leadership qualities in our student athletes.

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